ESOL for Family Learning

  • Improve your language skills for communicating with family and friends
  • Learn about free support services for families in Bristol
  • Practice writing letters to schools, doctors, companies, etc.
  • Visit community centres and free museums!
  • Practice talking to your child’s teacher and asking questions about their
    grades, behaviour, progress, etc.
  • Small class sizes with the attention of two lecturers (one ESOL and one
    vocational lecturer)

There are 3 occurrences of this course each academic year. Each course is 10 weeks long and meets once a week.


  • Start date: 26th September at 09:30
  • End date: 26th June at 12:45
  • The class will not be running on the following dates:
    • 19th December - 2nd January
    • 27th March - 10th April
    • 26th June - 18th September
  • Class days: Monday
  • Enrolment information: Must attend enrolment session with Learner Services team after you apply online


  • Contact Person:
  • Cost of Class/Eligibility: Free if you meet the residency requirements. Must discuss with Learner Services at reception.
  • 16 - 18 year olds allowed in class: No
  • Childcare provision: No
  • Accessbility: Yes
  • Details about class location: Ashley Down
  • Accreditation: No

Type of Class: Entry 1 , Entry 1/2 , Entry 2 , Entry 3 , Level 1 , Level 2