Get Ready for Learning L1 – C3533962

This course is designed to welcome learners to ESOL at WEA and will help to build confidence. You will be able to set goals for the future and understand the study skills and knowledge you need to achieve them.


This course will welcome you to the WEA and introduce you to your ESOL course. You will set goals for the future, understand the study skills and knowledge you need to get there and share experiences of overcoming barriers to learning. You will be introduced to the opportunities and support available to you at WEA. It will be a fun and enjoyable course and will help you to get to know your tutor and classmates. It will be useful to you if you are returning to learning after a break, if you are new to the WEA or if you are considering how to meet your goals. You will build confidence in your communication, literacy and digital skills so that you are ready for ESOL at level 1.


  • Start date: 12th September at 09:30
  • End date: 28th September at 12:00
  • Class days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Enrolment information: You will need an Initial assessment before you enrol.


  • Contact Person: Contact Mike on 07985 107 527 or Zainab on 07917837229
  • Cost of Class/Eligibility: Free for eligible learners.
  • 16 - 18 year olds allowed in class: No
  • Childcare provision: No
  • Accessbility: Yes
  • Details about class location: Please come to 7 York Court, Wilder street, BS2 8QH to book an appointment for the initial assessment before the class starts.
  • Accreditation: No

Type of Class: Level 1