Get ready for Maths Level 1/2 C3530820

  • Increase my confidence in using my Math in everyday life
  • Count and use larger numbers, use the 12 hour clock to gain information from timetables
  • Perform calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and begin to explain your methods
  • Consider the use of fractions and decimals in common situations, e.g. in retail sales, telling the time and on receipts
  • Determine the means to measure physical space, gas and liquids, discuss numerical information available through lists, charts and tables


  • Start date: 7th January at 10:00
  • End date: 12th February at 12:00
  • Class days: Monday, Wednesday
  • Enrolment information: Please contact 0300 303 3464 and quote course reference C3530820


  • Contact Person: Call: 0300 303 3464 Email:
  • Cost of Class/Eligibility: Cost: *FREE *These courses are normally free to eligible students who can also evidence that they are either: • registered unemployed • In receipt of state benefits and looking for work or • employed and earning less than £1,334.13 per month
  • 16 - 18 year olds allowed in class: No
  • Childcare provision: No
  • Accessbility: Yes
  • Details about class location: Address: 7 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH Phone: 0117 916 6500
  • Accreditation: No

Type of Class: Level 1 , Level 2




Beacon Centre ESOL

Starts: 20th September 2021

Repeating every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday