Practice Makes Perfect / Brush Up English @ Bedminster

Learning objectives include:

Listen to and demonstrate increased understanding of spoken language.
Speak in familiar/everyday situations.
Write in complete sentences, using appropriate verb form.
Correctly use full stops and capital letters and be able to explain how to use these to their peers demonstrating increased confidence and skills.
Correctly spell commonly used words.
Recognise and use standard English grammar.
This course is open to learners aged 19+ only and to anyone that speaks English as a second language.

To enrol, please contact Lucy 07788353446 or email


  • Start date: 24th January at 12:30
  • End date: 3rd April at 14:30
  • Class days: Friday
  • Enrolment information: Enrolment takes place during first session.


  • Contact Person: Lucy 07788353446 or
  • Cost of Class/Eligibility: This course is FREE to all learners.
  • 16 - 18 year olds allowed in class: No
  • Childcare provision: No
  • Accessbility: Unknown
  • Details about class location: Compass Point Children's Centre (Compass Point Primary School) South Street, Bristol BS3 3AU
  • Accreditation: No

Type of Class: Entry 1 , Level 1