Common questions



Can you recommend any books or resources?

Take a look at our ‘Resources for learners’ pages for links, suggestions and resources.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is short for the International English Language Testing System.

It is an international standardised test of English language proficiency.

Overseas students from most non-English speaking countries will have to take an IELTS test to prove that their English is of a particular standard in order to be admitted to UK universities.

Where can I find an IELTS class?

When you search for classes on this website, tick the box for ‘IELTS’ and it will show you when and where they are.

Where can I find an ESOL class with a crèche?

You can use our ‘Search Classes’ page to find classes at your level. The class information will show if there is childcare available and what it is.

Will joining an ESOL class affect my benefits?

It is important to ask your Job Centre advisor before starting a new ESOL class to make sure it doesn’t affect your benefits. The Job Centre also offers some ESOL classes for jobseekers.

How do I know what ESOL level I am?

Answer coming soon…

How can I find out about assessment days?

Answer coming soon…

What can I do while I am waiting to join a class?

  • You can search our website for some of the many free classes in Bristol that don’t have a waiting list.
  • Take a look at our ‘Resources for learners’ pages.
  • Listen to English radio. Radio 4 and the BBC World Service have lots of talking.
  • Read English newspapers and magazines. The Bristol Cable and the Metro are free newspapers you can pick up around the city.
  • Practise speaking English when you go shopping.
  • Practise reading English signs in the street and on buildings.

How can I find courses to help me find work?

You can contact the organisations listed under ‘Skills, learning and employment’ here: Useful organisations

How and where can I volunteer to teach ESOL classes?

Please contact …
You could get in touch with the different organisations that run ESOL classes and enquire if they are looking for volunteers; keep an eye out on their websites and social media pages…
More info needed!